Nova Creed

Official Nova Creed Whitepaper
Nova Creed is an immersive, play-to-earn gaming universe built on the Polygon network. Set in a distant region of space, the Nova Creed is home to six species of aliens with unique roles and attributes. With your Nova Creed aliens you can build and pilot your own spaceships, play and compete against other owners, and create or trade in a player-owned economy.
With amazing art and a rich and detailed lore, the universe is as expansive as it is fun, and ripe for discovery! With a series of different games and modes, participating in the Nova Creed universe will require skill and tactics to grow your fleet and your crew, which will help you to access bigger rewards and exciting unlock-able content.
Starting with our PVE arcade space-shooter: Ice Hunt, you will tasked with heading into space to shoot asteroids and collect the rewards, dodging enemies and returning your bounty to the local space stations.
From this you will earn $FUEL and $ICE, the core blocks of the Nova Creed economy. Use $FUEL to send your ships on salvage missions, collect ship components, and build or upgrade your fleet.
Coming soon... PVP battles & Fleet Wars.

Why Nova Creed?

The aim of Nova Creed is to create an expansive and exciting P2E experience. More than just a game, we've built a rich back story to every piece of the Nova Creed universe. It's immersive, thought-provoking and limitless. As well as regular content created by the team we anticipate a wide variety of fan fiction and player led story lines, which we can and WILL use in canon.
We've gone above and beyond to ensure that not only is the game fun, but each collectible NFT has been crafted with love and care by incredible artists, making them works of art in and of themselves. With artists who have worked for BBC, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, as well the designer from the infamous Battlestar Galactica, we've recruited a crack team to deliver NFTs you'll be proud to own.
In terms of utility, quality and community, Nova Creed will redefine the P2E standard. Our core team is made of both NFT fanatics and product leaders, including the founder and CEO of a tech startup, meaning we're well versed in leading successful global projects.
This is the beginning of a global brand.
Our ethics...
Within our NFT experience and the lore are references to our ethics and some of the things we care about. Diversity and equality is a major component of that and will be ever present in our mind as we grow. Alongside that we're also trying to spread awareness about climate change and water scarcity through our lore. As part of this we will be looking to offset our carbon footprint and donate towards water aid charities.
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