We're delighted to have recruited a former Battlestar Galactica designer to craft the Nova Creed series of spaceships. Each species will have three different class of ships for you to own.
Generation 1 Ships There are 18 different types of Gen 1 spaceships to collect and own, with 6 core versions unique to each species and 3 classes within each version. Ships can be used to play interactive games, and will soon be able to compete in head to head PVP matches against fellow players. Ships can also be used on salvage missions to collect components, or in our upcoming turn based strategy mode - Fleet Wars.
On acquiring your Nova Creed avatar NFTs, to get the best experience within the Nova Creed universe, you will be needing a spaceship to participate in the interactive Ice Hunt game. Unlike so many other P2E games, Ice Hunt puts YOU in control.
You'll be at the helm shooting asteroids, collecting ice, fending off enemies and dodging collisions. All the while, you'll need to check your health and energy levels, and ensure you're dropping off your collected ice back to the base station or, for a bonus multiplier, one of the two other space stations further out into space.
We will issue up to 1,000 ships to early adopters who take part in our private-sale and pre-sale stages. Each participant will be airdropped a single ship of varying classes based on the number of NFTs you own:
  • 6 or more NFTs - A Class 3 ship (6 player) will be airdropped
  • 3 to 5 NFTs - A Class 2 ship (3 player) will be airdropped
  • 1 or 2 NFTs - A Class 1 ship (1 player) will be airdropped
Spaceships are core to the Nova Creed economy.
With 18 different ships to choose from, you can build, upgrade and trade them to collect a full fleet. Explore the differences between the different ships' capabilities across the different species who built them.
Each ship will have different configurations, with varying levels of fuel, attack, defence and speed, differentiating each and every Class from all six species.