Our Team

An NFT project is only as strong as the team behind it.
From tech pioneers, to NFT fanatics, and the CEO of a major UK startup. The team behind Nova Creed has a plethora of expertise.
What brought us together? We are avid collectors, and not just NFTs, but vinyls, selvedge denim, trading cards and more. From a lifetime of collecting comes an understanding and appreciation of the 'experience'. While some may never understand, we've felt the joy that comes from collecting and are determined to add an edge of quality and joy to every part of our NFT universe.
We are also working with third party teams to help us bring our vision to life including tech wizards and our esteemed artist Luella Jane. With her extensive experience in illustration, her skills and talents have been instrumental in creating the blue chip experience we are committed to for our brand.
To find out more about Luella, and some of the works she's produced for clients including the BBC, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Harper Collins, Bloomsbury and more, visit https://luellajane.com
Alongside Luella, we're lucky enough to be working with one of the lead designers from Battlestar Galactica to deliver our first generation of Spaceships. This designer has also worked on projects such as Jurassic World and with publishers including Activision and Codemasters over the past 15 years. Specialising in creating 3D experiences for the Game and Movie industry, they have contributed to many AAA titles and new IPs. These spaceship NFTs are going to be, in every sense, out of this world and if you're lucky enough to be part of our NFT avatar private sale or presale, you'll be airdropped a ship on launch day, free of charge!
Last and by no means least, we're delighted to be collaborating with the Pryz Incubator to launch Nova Creed on the Polygon network. With a cavalcade of sold out launches already under their belts, we couldn't be happier with our stablemates for the launch!