Genesis NFT collection

Our core collection of unique avatars, stationed on the space station Elonius V. Meet the Maonods and the Ilithanons, the Xylaks and Adalios, the Carlithians and the Rumidians.
Nova Creed Avatars
To crew your ships, and play our upcoming series of mini-games (see the roadmap) you'll need a Nova Creed Avatar. Each Nova Creed comes with their own Rank and Role which affects the utilities and benefits of your in game experience. In the future you will also be able to clone (breed) new Nova Creed NFTs to bolster your crew and give additional advantages. As well as playing the games, you'll also need a Nova Creed to build and upgrade your ships. Avatars can each build or upgrade one ship per month. Nova Creeds Avatars can also be staked to earn $FUEL.
All species currently coexist on Elonius V, but these amicable relationships are not universal. Here are some examples of each species, illustrating the generative artwork created by Luella Jane. To read up on the lore of each, check out the main Nova Creed website.
We've already started creating the back stories for some of the specific characters from each of these species, why not check out the legend of Keelah, an ingenious Maonod inventor hailing from Siple.