Roles and Ranks

What might my Nova Creed avatars offer?
Each Nova Creed Avatar comes with a role and rank offering unique benefits and utilities in various games and modes throughout Nova Creed. Here's an outline of what each role means and a little more insight on how to think about structuring your crews.
👩‍✈️PILOT 🧑‍✈️
At the helm of your spaceship ensuring you're headed in the right direction and bringing home the ice collected. Owning a pilot enables strafing and back-thrust, giving you much improved handling of your spaceship.
The one thing about space that everybody knows: there's lots of it! Hence, having a navigator will be a huge help in terms of locating where the asteroids you need to destroy are. Owning a navigator enables the radar within the game so you can pinpoint nearby asteroids.
On earth we struggle to live in harmony, but 200 years from now as the Universe's species are fighting it out for the last scraps of water, tensions have risen. A lot. Having a gunner can protect you from enemy ships and also make much lighter work of asteroid obliteration. Owning a gunner increases your firepower 💥💥
With all those enemy ships flying around and the odd asteroid collision an inevitability, it's no surprise that Ice Hunting is a dangerous occupation. All the better then to have a medic onboard to help your team recover from any hits they take. Owning a medic increases your ships recovery rate from impacts.
Not every asteroid holds ice. Some contain easily convertible fuel; destroy these and you'll be able to last that little bit longer out in the endless darkness. Owning an engineer increases your efficiency in using any fuel gathered.
A deckhand is there to do all the jobs that no one else wants to. On an Ice Hunt, that's invariably the perilous task of collecting and storing the ice. Owning a deckhand will increase the amount of ice you collect from each asteroid.
You can only benefit from one boost for each avatar of a single profession you have. For example having 3 gunners onboard wouldn't mean your firepower is increased to 8 times that of a ship without a gunner (2 x 2 x 2), you would still only get increased firepower for the first gunner included. Therefore, the best ships will be those deploying one of each of the aforementioned roles in play.
As well as roles, every Avatar has a rank. These are as follows in order of both rank and rarity (Ensigns make up almost half of the populace, Admirals only a small percentage):
The best formation of crew is to have one of each rank within your spaceship, including TWO ENSIGNS. This will help increase your high scores and give you a better chance of winning the daily $ICE prizes, and ensure you can collect as much $FUEL as possible.
Remember, too many cooks spoil a broth: it's a misconception that having 6 x Admirals onboard would give the highest scoring potential.