Key details and FAQs

Here's the main info on Nova Creed, Ice Hunt and the $ICE token ahead of launch

$ICE token - Launch: 18:00 UTC, 26th March 2022

TOTAL SUPPLY = 1,000,000,000​ tokens, Circulating Supply = 110,000,000 (11%)​
Deployed on the Polygon Network
30% reserved for Staking
20% reserved for P2E Gaming
Entirety of $ICE to be progressively issued over the course of 65 months from launch

Nova Creed NFTs - Launch: 19:00 UTC, 9th April 2022

557 generative art avatars minted on the Polygon network
Distributed across 6 species inhabiting Elonius V
Price in MATIC tbd closer to launch
Rarity traits include Rank and Role; key in the Ice Hunt game
Designed by former Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and BBC artist, Luella Jane
Up to 1,000 Spaceships airdropped to private sale and pre sale owners of avatar NFTs

Ice Hunt P2E Game - Launch: 11th April 2022

Use Nova Creed NFT Avatars to crew your Spaceship in arcade style space shooter Ice Hunt
Spaceships designed by former Battlestar Galactica and Jurassic World designer
Up to 1000 ships airdropped to first owners of Nova Creed NFT Avatars
3 classes of Spaceship (1, 3 and 6 player) with different designs across all 6 species
Send your spaceship out on Missions to gather Metal
Spaceships built or upgraded using unlimited in-game $FUEL token, gathered Metal and $ICE token
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