Ice Hunt: Player vs Environment

Inspired by the arcade classic Asteroids, it's your job to blast the asteroids passing by to gather ice and then return it to one of the bases. The more you return, the higher your score!

How to play

Choose your ship, fill it with your best crew, and take to the stars to get the highest score you can!
You will need at least one Nova Creed Avatar and one spaceship to take part in the Ice Hunt game. Each ship and each crew member will bring unique and exciting utilities to your games, which will grow as new features and modes are added.
After selected the ship and filling it with crew members (up to the allowed amount per ship) you will be dropped on the starter space station. Navigate with the arrow keys and blast asteroids and enemies alike. There are currently two types of asteroid in the game, one for gathering fuel, the other for ice. Fuel keeps your ship running longer, ice can be returned to any space station to increase your high score. Score is not accumulated until its returned to the space station! Different space stations offer major bonuses so be sure to explore and find out which ones to frequent.
Rewards Ice Hunt rewards are issued in $FUEL - the core reward token of the Nova Creed economy. We will also be giving out $ICE prizes on a temporary basis. The game ends when the player’s ship is destroyed, either through excessive damage or running out of fuel mid-flight, or if the player chooses to abort the mission. Your score is submitted to the leaderboard and is calculated using the following three elements:
Daily play There is a small daily play bonus of 20 $FUEL for submitting any score to the leaderboard.
Leaderboard Players coming in the top 20% of the leaderboard are given an additional reward. 1st Place 100 $FUEL 2nd Place 80 $FUEL 3rd Place 60 $FUEL Top 10% 40 $FUEL Top 20% 20 $FUEL
Ice collection bonus You will also earn $FUEL on a per point basis. 50 points converts to 1 $FUE, up to a maximum of 5,000 points per ship. This means you can earn up to an additional 100 $FUEL through your score.
Fuel Reward
Ice Reward
Daily play
20 $FUEL
1 $FUEL PER 10 points (up to maximum 100 $FUEL)*
100 $FUEL
25,000 $ICE
80 $FUEL
10,000 $ICE
60 $FUEL
5,000 $ICE
Top 10%
40 $FUEL
Top 20%
20 $FUEL
For tips on how to maximise your potential check out Roles and Ranks to understand what utilities different avatars bring to your crew. As well as the optimal crew you can upgrade your spaceship or trade between other players on the secondary market.
*This figure might change during beta testing of the game ahead of launch.