Our $FUEL token

Our unlimited in-game token, built to help you craft the greatest spaceships you can and to support the economy of Nova Creed alongside $ICE
$FUEL tokens are an in-game reward mechanism that can be spent to perform actions, or used in various game modes throughout the Nova Creed universe. Utilities will include
  • Running Missions
  • Building ships
  • Competing in Fleet Wars
  • Breeding/Cloning
  • Participating in PVP battles
Nova Creed does not sell $FUEL to players directly.
$FUEL can be earned by playing the game in Player versus Environment (PvE) mode. In future you'll also be able to earn $FUEL in the the PvP Arena. Once you earn them, you can check your balance from this page. You can also earn $FUEL by staking your NFTs, when you're not using them in game. This is particularly handy for users with larger fleets.