What next? Following successful roll out of our genesis NFTs, our first P2E game and our $ICE and $FUEL tokens, here's what we have in store for our owners.
Going forward from our initial launch, we've got a series of releases spread across 2022 and beyond. These releases coincide with our expected player base growth and the growing Nova Creed economy

Post Launch 2022

Directly post launch we'll be looking to grow our player base, and nourish the beginnings of the Nova Creed P2E economy. We'll begin working on exciting new game modes and important infrastructure to facilitate our owners. As well as incentivising play and upcoming development we'll be working on some incredible strategic partnerships both in IRL and the NFT/Crypto world, which should bring real value and exciting opportunity to players.

Stage I

What we'll be working on..

🔼 Ice Hunt Updates

We're working on a series of additional features and updates to our PvE mode: Ice Hunt. These will add new dynamics and additional features for players to use and interact with.
Expected release: mid Q2
🔼 Marketplace
Our native marketplace will be dedicated to the Nova Creed universe and will come with a series of perks for owners that trade on the platform. Earn ICE and trade up to a master fleet & crew. Buy or sell other in game assets, and eventually your own player created items.
Expected release: Q2
🔼 Cloning / breeding
As the player base grows we will be looking to introduce breeding of the Nova Creed Avatars, to match the player base and demand. Our artists will be working on the artwork throughout Q2 to create an exciting array of new species for you to create, collect and own.
Expected release: Q3
🔼 PVP Battles
Our major Q2/Q3 release will be PVP Battles, a high octane, competitive game mode in addition to the PvE mode of Ice Hunt. This will pit you against other players and Nova Creed owners in head to head space battles.
Expected release: end Q3

Stage II

🔼 Fleet Wars
In Q3 our attention will turn to Fleet Wars. As a game this will require much higher amounts of FUEL and plenty of ships, so we're tying this in with the expected growth of our players, and their fleet's. This turn based strategy game will be pretty intensive but well worth the wait.
Expected release: Q4/Q1 2022
🔼 Merchandise
With a growing fan base and a growing series of lore, we'll be looking to release different merchandise. We've lined up a publishing house to work on our graphic novel and will be starting this work around Q3, along with 3D models / figurines and movie quality posters.
Series of releases beginning Q3 and ongoing
🔼 New Missions
We'll be keeping an eye on Missions throughout 2022 and while we anticipate adding more around Q3/4 new ones may crop up earlier. Additional missions will be designed to test your crews and ships abilities to the max, offering unique in game assets such as skins, mods, upgrades and boosts for your ships & crew.
Regular release: throughout Q3 and beyond

Stage III

🔼 Species centric mini-games.
One for each Nova Creed species. We're in talks with a series of high tier game development companies on building out a full suite of mini-games modelled off arcade classics but based very much in Nova Creed lore. Each will feature rewards and items interoperable between each other, and with their own special function within the overall economy.
Expected release: Q1 2023

2023 and beyond

Additional Game modes
  • Additional PvP modes: Capture the flag
  • Team Ice Hunt
Spaceships - Generation 2
Player created assets and inventions
Interactive Metaverse
Sandbox + Voxel Avatars